CITCABLE: 150°C and 200°C  Fluoroelastomer wire

Products Description
·Rated temperature:-60 ~ 200  T4 and T6 rated (3000 hours)
·Rated voltage: 600V DC----1500VDC
·Conductor: 0.25mm2 to 50.0mm2 fully annealed stranded copper  Per ASTM B-33
Operating temperature range
-40 °C to +200°C for Fluoroelastomer / VITON/XLFE/FKM/FPM
Extremely Flexible cable
• Excellent resistance to automotive fluids  
• Compatible with all harness components
• Light-weight
• Fire safety VW-1
• Mechanically tough
• Resistant Hydrofluoric acid


150°C and 200°C Fluoroelastomer wire
We provide fluoroelastomer wire cable products. If you are interested in fluoroelastomer wire cable, please contact us and initiate a consultation for more information.
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