fluoropolymer which displays similar properties to PTFE,PFA,FEP,XLETFE,ETFE,PVDF,ECTFE with outstanding resistance to chemicals, oils, lubricants, temperature extremes, displays superior flexibility and improved dielectric strength.

Custom FOAM FEP cable
•Plenum Rated(CMP) Foam FEP Cable
•Plenum Foam FEP TRIAXIAL Coax Cable
•Radiation Resistance TRIAXIAL Coax Cable
•Plenum Precision Coax Cable
•Plenum Foam FEP RG11,RG59,RG6 Cable
•Plenum Foam FEP 5C Coax Cable
•CMP Teflon CAT5e,CAT6
• CMP Special Twin-ax Cable
•CMP Special Quad Cable
• Foam FEP 120 Ohm Special Twist Pair Cable
•CMP High Data Rate Cable
Our high performance cabling systems can be found on almost every extreme environment platform - from aircraft and missiles to spacecraft, ships and submarines. They provide uninterrupted signal transmission with high system accuracy and reliability