How to use Losh SILICONE Wire Cable correctly

1. Make sure you choose the right specifications
Before using Losh SILICONE Wire Cable, you first need to select the appropriate specifications and model according to actual needs. Comprehensive considerations should be made based on current load, ambient temperature, external mechanical stress and other factors to ensure that the selected cable can meet the actual use requirements.

2. Avoid excessive bending
When laying out and installing Losh SILICONE Wire Cable, avoid excessive bending or twisting of the cable to avoid damaging the insulation and conductors, affecting electrical performance and service life. Especially when installing in a small space, attention should be paid to reasonable arrangements to avoid excessive bending.

3. Pay attention to waterproofing and moisture-proofing
Losh TPU Wire Cable is usually used outdoors or in humid environments, so you need to pay attention to waterproofing and moisture-proofing during use. Waterproof measures should be taken at the connection end to ensure that the connector part will not be subject to moisture intrusion, thus affecting the normal operation of the cable.

4. Avoid mechanical damage
During use, it is necessary to avoid mechanical damage to the Losh SILICONE Wire Cable, especially to avoid scratching or puncturing the outer sheath of the cable, so as not to damage the insulation layer and expose the wire core, affecting electrical safety.

5. Regular inspection and maintenance
Regularly inspect and maintain Losh TPU Wire Cable, including whether there is obvious wear and tear on the appearance, whether the insulation layer is intact, whether the connecting parts are loose, etc., and problems should be discovered and dealt with in a timely manner to ensure the normal operation of the cable.

6. Proper storage
Unused Losh SILICONE Wire Cable needs to be stored properly to avoid direct sunlight, high temperature or humid environment, so as not to affect the performance and life of the cable material.

7. Conclusion
Proper use of Losh SILICONE Wire Cable is crucial to ensure the safe and stable operation of power transmission and communication systems. Following the above usage principles and precautions can effectively extend the service life of the cable and ensure the reliability and safety of the system. At the same time, users should also follow relevant safety operating procedures when using Losh SILICONE Wire Cable to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.