Anti-capillary wire Cable

CITCABLE: Anti-capillary wire Cable
Products Description
·Rated temperature:-50 ~ 200
·Rated voltage: 600V DC
·Conductor: 0.1mm2 to 10.0mm2 fully annealed stranded copper  
Operating temperature range
-60 °C to +200°C for Fluoroelastomer/ VITON/XLFE/FKM
-60 °C to +200°C for FEP
-60 °C to +200°C for XLETFE
-60 °C to +175°C for ETFE
-40 °C to +150°C for PVDF
-40 °C to +150°C for XLPE
-40 °C to +125°C for XLPE
-40 °C to +105°C for PVC
Highly Fluid Resistant wire is a very high performance fluid blocking wire built to handle the high temperature fluid environments in engines and transmissions. It is a fluoroelastomer with impressive properties including great flexibility. it is extremely fluid resistant even at temperatures up to 230°C.   It is safer in overload conditions, because it will not melt. it has a custom-engineered silicone blocked conductor to prevent moisture and other fluids to wick through the wiring system