High temperature Custom cable

CITCABLE specialise in the design and manufacture of customised cables  for extreme environments and demanding applications. As a trusted supplier of cables , we’re experts in combining high-performance materials to build creative new cable solutions.

   Every aspect of the conductor, screen, insulation and jacket can be tailored to meet your specific needs – whether that be simple wires in non-standard sizes, coaxial cables with OD impedance requirements or complex multi-core hybrid cables.
   With PTFE,PCTFE,PFA,FEP,ETFE,XLETFE,VITON,FKM,PPM,PEEK,PI,PEI,TPU,TPE,RUBBER standard insulation and jacket materials and a wide range of approvals and manufacturing capabilities, we work closely with our customers to find smart solutions that match their application and budget.

custom cables, you don’t just get purpose-built solutions with functional properties such as greater durability, more flexibility or smaller size. You’ll also see the benefits through your applications, including improved performance, cost-effectiveness and sustainability.