Advantages and features of Losh PEEK Wire Cable

PEEK wire offers a step up in performance over CITCABLE standard PEEK insulated wire
PEEK wire  is available with insulation thickness ranging from 0.025 mm to0.381 mm and  Wire Gauge (AWG) sizes #0/1 to #40.

Abrasion Resistance – PEEK imparts superior abrasion resistance to the wire it is covering. Both PEEK insulated wire and PEEK wire HB can endure rugged environments allowing the covered wire to remain protected and to continue to function at a high level.

Chemical Resistance – PEEK polymer is well-characterized for its broad chemical resistance spectrum protecting your wiring from corrosion and extending its work life.

Dielectric Strength – With its excellent dielectric strength, PEEK wire minimizes the motor’s susceptibility to outside electrical interference.

High Operating Temperature – PEEK polymer is well-known for its high operating temperature of up to 260 ºC

Electric Motors – Both PEEK insulated wire and PEEK wire HB impart ruggedness to electric motors while also providing all of the insulating and protecting properties for which PEEK PEEK insulated wire is an ideal choice for electric motors that do not require tight bend radii, while PEEK wire HB is best-suited for motors that require tight, hairpin windings.
Solenoids – Thin coated PEEK insulated wire allows solenoids to be made using maximum windings to produce a maximum magnetic field within a limited space.

CITCABLE PEEK wire cable offerings are ideally suited for electric motors, generators, transformers, solenoids,Wire and Cable – When high performance is needed in wire and cable applications.